Myth Busting: Is Gua Sha Actually Effective?

Myth Busting: Is Gua Sha Actually Effective?

Gua sha for face and body has become one of the new buzzwords in the world of holistic beauty. But is gua sha actually effective? Does gua sha really work? 

What is gua sha

Gua sha can be practised on the whole body, but to keep things simple, I will concentrate only on facial gua sha in this post. Facial gua sha is a massage technique based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It’s been traced back to Paleolithic Age and was also commonly used treatment during the Ming Dynasty in China.

Literally, gua sha means “scraping away the cause of illness”. Gua means to scrap and sha means the small red dots called petechiae that appear on the skin after gua sha treatment. The red marks appear on places where there is thought to be stagnation of Qi, the life force. According to TCM the stagnation of Qi and blood flow causes illness.

When practising facial gua sha, the appearance of petechiae, the red dots, is not desirable. The skin on the face is thinner, so we need less pressure, and the petechiae won’t form.

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The science behind facial gua sha practice

Is there any scientific evidence that gua sha works? Gua sha has been described as a natural facelift and a natural, non-invasive option for treatment such as botox and fillers. In my opinion, gua sha is better, as its benefits are not only aesthetical but go deeper.

Gua sha has many scientifically proven benefits such as

Is gua sha actually effective

How does gua sha work? Is gua sha actually effective? Gua sha is a very effective facial treatment

Facial gua sha can

  • Promote the growth of new skin cells and collagen
  • Help rejuvenate complexion by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve skin texture
  • Enhance the ability of the skin to absorb skincare products
  • Increase blood and oxygen flow to the cells
  • Reduce swelling
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How is gua sha better than Botox and fillers?

Gua sha is better than Botox and other fillers as it helps create more movement and flow. Botox and fillers work by stopping or reducing the movement. TCM works to increase Qi, that’s blood and oxygen flow in essence. According to TMC, the whole body is covered by 12 Meridian lines. 

Practising gua sha, you can enhance the circulation of blood and nutrients within muscles and tissues. By adhering to the Meridian channels, the flow can be further amplified. Without consistent oxygen and nourishing blood delivery, the facial muscles will gradually deteriorate.

The Meridians are channels that distribute blood and Qi to the body. These meridians are believed to run along natural tissue planes found between muscles or muscles, bones, or tendons. When manipulating the points where these planes converge, it is thought to send mechanical signals to connective tissue cells. These signals convert the cells into chemical or electrical signals through a process called mechano-transduction.

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How to add gua sha into your beauty routine

Did I manage to convert you into gua sha already? Gua sha is a really effective way to enhance your complexion when practised regularly. Some studies show that only 5 minutes a day, every day is enough for visible changes. Try easy lymphatic drainage with gua sha in the mornings and longer treatment in the evenings.

You can add your gua sha practice either to your morning or evening skincare routine. Whilst practised in the morning, gua sha can give you that extra radiance and help de-puff the face, evening practice can be very relaxing and help you unwind after a busy day. Either way, practising gua sha regularly will result in radiant, naturally glowing skin.

If you are unsure of the techniques, you can join me in one of our gua sha workshops - or get my Gua Sha for Radiance & Sculpt Course with lifetime access to the course materials!

Simple, easy-to-follow gua sha protocol

Gua sha routine for daily glow

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