Our Story

Hey hey!

Jenny Soydanyavas, the founder of Jenny Nordic Skincare, photo credits A J Burrows

I am so happy see you here! Let me properly introduce myself and tell the story of Jenny Nordic Skincare.

I am Jenny, the founder Jenny Nordic Skincare and certified organic skincare formulator. I'm originally from Finland.

I've been passionate about skincare, sustainability and ecological ways of living for as long as I remember. Though it was only after moving to the UK that I realised what a gem Nordic nature is. Jenny Nordic is the result of a lockdown-leap-of-faith, for it was in 2020 that I finally resolved to pursue my dream of creating a skincare brand. I wanted to create a brand that actively tried to minimize its environmental impact and used organic ingredients derived from Nordic nature.

I set to work to get my certification as an organic skincare formulator and, some months after that, to bring Jenny Nordic Skincare to life. Following over 2 years of studying and R&D with hundreds of trials, I developed the minimalist skincare routine of Jenny Nordic Skincare.

With my skincare, I want to help you achieve balanced glowing skin regardless of hormonal changes and fluctuations. Beautiful skin is not dependent on age, and I'm here to show that!

Jenny Nordic is a result of my pursuit to make you fall in love with their skin. Jenny Nordic Skincare celebrates the skin with minimal, high-performance skincare that concentrates on holistic beauty and wellness.

My functional minimalist skincare ritual is complete and all that you need to keep your skin happy. This means you do not need to invest in multiple products with complex rituals which eliminate waste, reduces your carbon footprint, declutter your shelves and save money. 


If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions, I'd love to hear from you. Just send me a message.