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Such a find!

I am so happy with this product, the scent is calming, the application satisfying and the results amazing. It is not a heavy serum so is soon ansorbed leaving my skin nourished and glowing. Such a find!

So balancing

I have found this essence so easy to incorporate in my skincare routine. It absorbs quickly so there is no waiting to apply my moisturiser or serum. I am at the stage where my skin is affected by hormones (menopause) and would recommend this product along with other Jenny Nordic ones to women of a similar age

Smooth Oil to Milk Cleanser
shannon O'Donnell
Love this cleanser!

This cleanser made me fall back in love with oil cleansers! It feels so luxurious to use with a gorgeous light citrus scent. Removes all make up effortlessly and leaves my skin feeling soft and glowing after use.

Game changer for my skin

I've been using the Essence since it was released. This is my second order. My skin has noticeably cleared up and is looking a lot smoother and radiant. People have commented on how much better my skin looks. I also find it really helps calm irritated skin too.

Best face oil I've tried with excellent ingredients!

Glow & Revitalize is exactly what this face oil does! Ever since I started using Jenny Nordic's minimalist skincare routine (this Oil Serum alongside with Oil To Milk Cleanser and Beauty Essence), my skin has become better and better - hormonal acne has disappeared, skin is not dry even during the winter, skin feels smoother and healthier, makeup is not rolling/caking away anymore.. I use this Oil Serum mixed with a few drops of the Beauty Essence as the last step of my skincare routine (after cleansing + toner) every morning and evening. The ingredients are a jackpot, squalane, vitamins, probiotics all in one product. I wish I could buy a big big bottle of this Oil Serum, as I love it so much!

Niacinamide and probiotics, all the ingredients I wanted in one product

This beauty essence is a must have! Ever since I started using Jenny Nordic's minimalist skincare routine (this Beauty Essence alongside with Oil To Milk Cleanser and Oil Serum), my skin has become better and better - hormonal acne has disappeared, skin is not dry even during the winter, skin feels smoother and healthier, makeup is not rolling/caking away anymore.. The bottle is very long-lasting, since you only need 2-3 drops per use. I use this Beauty Essence mixed with the Oil Serum as the last step of my skincare routine (after cleansing + toner). The product is not sticky, it sinks into the skin fast, hydrates and heals, all promises delivered!

Best oil cleanser I've used!

Excellent cleanser for a mixed oily-dry skin! Ever since I started using this cleanser alongside with Jenny Nordic's Beauty Essence and Oil Serum, my skin has become better and better - hormonal acne has disappeared, skin is not dry even during the winter, skin feels smoother and healthier, makeup is not rolling/caking away anymore.. Effectiveness and benefit-wise this product has delivered all its promises and more! However, for me the oil didn't turn to milk in my use, but using the oil cleanser with a konjac sponge makes it a no problem.

This product is magic!

I have a really dry skin and I usually need to practically bathe in all kinds of creams and moisturisers. I now use just few drops of this serum in the evenings before bed and still the next day my skin feels deeply moisturised and looks beautifully glowing. I couldn't recommend it more!

The perfect additional level of moisture and balance

I bought this together with the cleanser and oil serum, and I must say this adds such a wonderful extra level of deep moisture and soothing feeling on my skin after cleaning. It absorbs super quickly and makes my dry skin during the winter months feel so much better!

Gentle yet thorough cleaner, love it!

This product properly cleans everything (even the toughest makeup!) unlike some other cleansers I've tried. It has a really nice texture and scent to it, and I love how soft my skin feels after. Definitely my new go-to cleanser!!

Really amazing!

I am so pleasantly surprised with this amazing product! It is like a very light oil that effortlessly sinks into my skin and leaves a healthy glow and a whiff of a floral scent. The skin feels comfortable and nourished. I even stopped using a moisturiser because this serum does everything. I may add an essence for winter months but right now it’s just right!

Amazing product!

This cleanser works like magic! It makes my skin feel super smooth and soft. I have oily skin and I haven’t tried another product that makes my skin feel so fresh and not too dry or oily at all - it’s just perfect. I love it!

Balancing care for reactive skin

I have a reactive combination skin with the jackpot of being prone to both dry and oily skin at the same time. This serum works wonders in balancing both issues by providing moisture and softness while preventing excessive oil production. It’s not too heavy yet it gives a beautiful glow, smells lovely. Works well under makeup too.

That little extra tha makes all the difference

This is a wonderful product for anyone in need of that little extra hydration and something calming for your skin. I use this daily on my combination skin and it makes all the difference in my minimalist JN routine. I could bathe in this! I have also used it as a first aid for sunburn and mosquito bites with calming, balancing results.

There’s no going back to anything else after this

Jenny Nordic’s Oil to Milk Cleanser is hands down my all time favourite cleanser. It is so smooth and leaves your skin feeling fresh without dryness. And I love love love the scent!

The best oil cleanser out there!

I LOVE this one - I've been through a lot of oil to balm/milk cleansers once I found that they existed and this is by far the best. I'm using waterproof mascara and it melts away immediately along with all the other make-up. Smells divine, too, and leaves your skin soft and fresh, not dry at all.

Giving that extra layer of moisture

I'm using this daily but especially when my sensitive skin needs a bit of extra help when getting too dry. I normally add the serum right after this and I don't need to wait at all before applying as this absorbs super quickly.

Saviour for my hormonal acne skin!

This serum is my go-to every morning and evening! I have a sensitive skin which is reacting strongly to my hormonal cycle but with the help of this serum I've been able to maintain and enjoy moisturised, glowy skin for months now! And it even works now when being pregnant - the biggest hormonal storm of them all!

My skin rescue remedy

I spend a lot of time outdoors and my skin needs a lot of hydration and extra care. I use this twice a day and it really calms my dry irritated skin down. My face looks clearer after only a short time of using it.
It sinks in really quickly, my skin doesn't feel dry or tight after and I can apply other skincare products on top straight away. It is my first choice go to skincare product for my eczema and any flair ups. I can't recommend it enough. It also lasts a really long time!

A rich treat to my combination skin

I love this oil! It's part of my night time routine (despite being of certain, rather mature, age my skin is yet to dry much, so use a lighter serum/oil for the day). It has a great rich texture, smells divine and pampers my visage as I get the much needed zzzzzs in! Wake up in the morning feeling soft skinned and, if I may say so myself, a bit glowy!

Lovely stuff!

This cleansing oil is just the best. Easy to use, effective yet gentle. Works super-well on my, ahem, aging skin leaving it soft and glowing. Will be a staple of my skin care routine from now on.