Our Skincare Philosophy

Our Skincare Philosophy

Natural minimalist skincare for glowing and balanced skin. 

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it serves as a protective barrier from the outside environment. It's often overlooked, but it forms a very intelligent, complex entity, that literally holds us together. Balanced skin looks soft, even and healthy.

Ageing is a privilege

As we age, the skin starts losing its elasticity and feels drier. The first wrinkles appear, and even the skin's microbiome changes. Not to mention the hormonal changes we go through that throw their challenges to the skin and bring impurities and breakouts along. 

We’ve been happy to witness the age-well trend starting to finally bloom. Ageing is a privilege that we take for granted. Comments such as “you look younger than your age” seem like complements and enforce the idea that the younger you look the better. We spend so much time and energy covering our grey hair, trying to smooth the wrinkles and so on.

The mindset we want to celebrate is that older age is something to be celebrated and respected, and something that’s full of wisdom and learnings. 

Your skin is telling a story

Our lives lived show on our faces. All the good and bad that’s happened, all the sleepless nights partying, having fun. Stress over challenges that are thrown at us without asking for permission. And we want you to celebrate your skin showing how you’ve got here where you are right now! 

For us, celebrating the skin means caring for it. Give it the best care you can. Skin that’s well hydrated, moisturized and protected looks more plum and dewy. Dryness or dullness can make your skin look tired and older than its age. Dry skin can also feel uncomfortable and tight and makeup might not sit well on it.

Caring for the skin doesn't mean expensive treatments or exhausting, multiple-step skincare routines. One free way to improve the skin is self-massage. Regular face massage can provide you with such lovely holistic benefits starting from brightening the complexion and reducing stress, and offer a tool to connect with yourself.

Balanced, glowing skin

We want you to glow. We want you to love your skin.

Jenny Nordic's roots are in Northern Europe. Its nature is famous for its purity and extreme climate.  As wild plants are exposed to more environmental stressors, they need to work extra hard to absorb vast amounts of energy and nutrients. Nordic plants and berries are full of these nutrients, such as vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, probiotics and ceramides that are essential for maintaining healthy, balanced skin. 

These are the ingredients Jenny Nordic Skincare wants to bring to your skin.

We've chosen to formulate with organic ingredients that help balance the skin, its microbiome and sebum production so that your skin can keep radiating regardless of everything else that’s going on! Balanced skin looks beautiful.

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Less is more

Jenny Nordic Skincare offers a minimalist skincare ritual with each step complementing the other. Respecting our Nordic roots, all our products are powered by Nordic active ingredients that balance, revitalize and soothe your skin, and help declutter your bathroom shelves simultaneously!

Our Balance and Glow Ritual consists only of three high-performance products, a gentle yet efficient Smooth Oil to Milk Cleanser, Rehydrate and Balance Beauty Essence and Glow and Revitalize Oil Serum.

Give the minimalist ritual a go and get ready to glow! All the products, including the whole ritual, are available in mini sizes that are a perfect way to test the products.

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