5 reasons why you need to practice gua sha every day

5 reasons why you need to practice gua sha every day

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an ancient healing method used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Gua Sha can be used, for example, to treat pain, common colds, flu, respiratory problems, and functional problems of the internal organs.

This is all nice, but what's the catch? It's that gua sha can also be used on the face, and studies have shown that it can reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture!

Jenny Nordic Gua Sha tool and face oil

Does Gua Sha actually work?

Regular gua sha on the face will show as softened fine lines, reduced under-eye puffiness, firmer skin, more glowing complexion.

How does that happen?

Gua Sha means scraping the skin with a smooth tool. According to TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine), it’s believed that gua sha moves blood and qi. Qi in TMC refers to a vital life force that flows everywhere.  

The scraping motion stimulates facial meridians. Meridians are energy channels found in the body. The scraping dispels excess fluid from the face and helps to detox. Facial gua sha increases blood circulation and aids lymphatic flow, resulting in a natural glow on the face.

Black woman practicing gua sha on her face

Why use Gua Sha on the face

Skincare can only do so much. The skin is excellent at its job of preventing anything from passing through the outermost layer of the epidermis. There are only a few cosmetic ingredients that can do it, but those can also have adverse reactions to the skin and cause sensitization.

Increasing blood ad lymph circulation will speed up new cells and collagen formation in the connective tissue. If we open stagnation that has built up in the layers of the skin, we can improve the looks of the skin simply by manual massage. The stagnation often shows on the skin as dullness and fine lines. When we activate the flow, the skin regains its radiance.

Gua sha can give you a natural facelift, and help the skin to absorb more of your beautiful skincare products. It can also help relax the facial muscles and offers you a moment to concentrate fully on YOU - something that’s so important but what we tend to forget in our busy lives and while serving others.

Jenny Nordic Gua sha tool and bag

Can I Gua Sha daily?

Yes! You can use gua sha daily. It’s great for mindful moments and easily incorporated into your morning or evening skincare ritual. Self-touch can help relax and reduce daily stress. If you are using gua sha to improve your facial features, consistency is the key. 

You can expect to see changes quickly in the skin texture and colour and reduced puffiness around the face. The changes are not permanent though, and you need to continue the practice to keep them up.

5 reasons to practice gua sha daily

Committing to daily practice can sound daunting. I challenge you to give it a go - practice face massage for seven days and see how you and your face feels. Remember, just 10 minutes a day is plenty!

Daily gua sha has many benefits, here are my favourite five: 

  1. Natural facelift
  2. Detoxifies
  3. Helps to relax and ground
  4. Skin radiance
  5. Tension relief

Keen to learn more about gua sha and the right techniques for best results? Join us for an online workshop.

Gua Sha routine for beginners

A quick guide to facial gua sha for beginners | Jenny Nordic Skincare

  • It's best to use gua sha on cleansed skin. Always use a clean tool.
  • Apply a couple of drops of your favourite face oil for better glide.
  • Hold the tool at a 30-45% angle and use gentle pressure for the best results. The gentler the better. 
  • Always work upwards and outwards.
  • Continue the strokes on your face doing horizontal movements, advancing towards your forehead. 
  • Repeat each gentle stroke 3-6 times on each side. 
  • Finish the treatment with extra gentle strokes down from the forehead towards the ear and behind the ear down towards the collarbones to "flush" the toxins.

Learn the most common gua sha myths and facts here.

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