Welcome to Jenny Nordic Skincare

Welcome to Jenny Nordic Skincare

I’m so happy to see you here, a warm welcome to Jenny Nordic Skincare blog!

I hope this blog becomes a place to share my passion for minimal skincare, eco-conscious beauty, living and more. 

It’s been over two decades since I got interested in a clean way of living and started changing my life into a more eco-conscious one. It started slowly and I’m still on my journey. I guess it never gets ready or perfect.

I have always loved nature. I spent my childhood playing in the forest behind our house, picking up berries if I got hungry. Later I started walking or cross-country skiing in the forest, enjoying the nature around me. I was very lucky to live very close to nature and surrounded by forests well into my adulthood until I moved countries, left Finland and moved to the UK. 

It was only then that I really started to realise what a gem Nordic nature is and started appreciating the surroundings I had taken for granted before. 

Jenny Nordic Skincare blog. Blackcurrants.

The dream of Jenny Nordic Skincare

The dream of having my own skincare brand grew slowly. Life abroad made me realise the uniqueness of the nature of my home country. I wanted to introduce a piece of pureness of it to other people too. I wanted to bottle the potent berries of the Arctic Circle and introduce a more minimalist way of taking care of oneself. I really wanted to create something that would combine all my passions - nature, eco-conscious living and skincare. 

The idea of Jenny Nordic Skincare sparkled stronger and I felt the urge to gain more knowledge on formulating skincare and ingredients, get a formal certificate and seriously start working towards my dream.  

I loved my studies, researching ingredients, formulating and making my own skincare became quickly my favourite thing to do. I loved improving my formulas, creating better and better versions of my creams and serums. 

After over two years of research and development, we are now getting ready to launch later this year with four products that form a complete minimalist skincare ritual. It’s been a very exciting journey and we can’t wait to introduce all the products to you. 

Love, Jenny

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Best of luck Jenny, I hope all your dreams come true.

Thomas Marian

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