The art of oil cleansing  - Your ultimate guide

The art of oil cleansing - Your ultimate guide

What is oil cleansing?

You might wonder why you should cleanse your face with oil - aren’t oils just clogging the pores instead of cleansing them? But what if I told you that oil cleansing can be so much more efficient than foaming cleansers? That oil cleansing is a great way to cleanse the skin and it also takes care of the skin barrier.

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Why is oil cleansing so good?

Let’s go back to the basics. Your skin contains a natural moisturiser called sebum which is natural oil the sebaceous glands produce. It’s vital to the skin’s health as it maintains the skin's protective barrier. 

When sebum levels become imbalanced, the sebaceous glands can overproduce sebum leading to breakouts. Sometimes the glands don’t produce enough sebum which can result in dry skin. Many plant-based oils closely resemble sebum and by using these oils in your cleansing ritual you help balance your skin naturally and prevent any future breakouts. 

But why is oil cleansing so good? It’s because of oils are a type of solvent, and they attract other oils.  Cleansing oil effortlessly dissolves makeup, dirt and pollutants, as well as excess oil from your skin. They do this in a very gentle way without disturbing the natural pH of the skin, helping in strengthening and maintaining a healthy skin barrier. Oil cleansing is the queen of all types of cleansers.

Is oil cleansing good for my skin type?

Oil cleansing suits every skin type. Our Smooth Oil to Milk Cleanser is suitable for all the skin types but designed especially for those prone to breakouts due to hormonal fluctuations. It’s a gentle yet thorough cleanser that you can either wipe off with a face cloth or easily rinse with water. 

How to use an oil cleanser?

Oil cleansers are incredibly easy to use. This is how you use an oil cleanser. Massage a few pumps of your cleanser onto your face and let it dissolve away any make-up, grime and SPF. Smooth Oil to Milk Cleanser is a 2-in-1 cleanser. It emulsifies into lovely subtle milk when in touch with water so after massaging your face with the oil, wet your hands and massage again. You can easily rinse off of the milk with warm water. 

If you prefer waterless cleansing, or if your oil cleanser doesn’t emulsify, you can wipe the oil off with damp soft face cloth. 

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Jenny’s top tip:

Oil cleansers are perfect for face massage. Apply the oil onto your décolleté, neck and face and start massaging from your décolleté upwards with circular motions. This helps deep clean the skin, relax your mind and muscles and activate lymph drainage and blood circulation.

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