A Skincare Routine That Works (For Everyone)

A Skincare Routine That Works (For Everyone)

We've all been there. Googling our skin concerns, how to reduce wrinkles, get dewy younger-looking skin, glowy complexion and blemish-free skin. What does the skincare routine that works look like? What products do we need and how to care for our skin in the best possible way? 

Maybe you have also bought a ton of skincare products that you use once or twice, but don't see the wanted results and move on to the next product recommended by your friends or your favourite influencers. Or just forget the product on the bathroom shelf once and for all and use it once in a moon. 

The skincare routine that works

The biggest secret in the beauty industry

One of the biggest secrets of the skincare industry is that the best skincare routine does not have to be the most expensive one. The best skincare routine isn't necessarily the one with most products either. It's not about how many steps your routine consists of neither, or whether you're using the hottest new active ingredients or not. 

The skincare routine that works

The best skincare routine, the skincare routine that really works is a consistent one. It's about showing up every morning and evening and going through your skincare routine, however simple (or complicated) it is. Actually, the simpler the better we might suggest. The fewer products you have in your routine, the more likely you are going to use all of them! The skincare routine that works is the one you come back to every day. 

It's all about being able to maintain your skincare routine, and about using your products long enough to be able to see the promised changes. It takes an average of 28 days for the skin's outer layer to renew - and it gets slower as we age. So realistically speaking, it takes 4-5 weeks to see positive changes in the skin. True, some products work faster and some slower. But this is the average.

We believe less is more when it comes to skincare. The essential steps of any skincare routine are cleansing, hydrating and moisturising. You can get on very well with just a gentle cleanser and good quality face oil. The most simple skincare routine would only need you to cleanse your face, leave it damp and apply your favourite face oil on top. Perfect.

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Consistency is the key to the skincare routine that works

To sum it up, great skin and a skincare routine are not necessarily dependent on the products. It's about showing up and making time for your skincare. Money won't necessarily buy you great skin, but investing time will! Don't get me wrong, I don't think there's anything bad in splurging on expensive skincare. What I want to say it's not absolutely needed! You can indulge in other ways too. 

For example, including face massage into your routine weekly will not only positively change your skin tone and firmness, but it also a relaxing moment just for you and will help reduce stress and improve sleep - which both have a positive effect on your skin!

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Sometimes we need extra care

We appreciate your skin might need more hydration, this happens naturally as we age and our skin starts losing its water content. Changing climate and seasons can also put extra pressure on the skin. That's when we recommend adding a hydrating mist, essence or serum to your routine. Some great ingredients to look for in your hydrating product are glycerin, hyaluronic acid, d-panthenol and lactic acid.

Are you keeping consistent with your skincare routine?

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