Rehydrate and Balance beauty essence

What is a beauty essence and why you need it in your skincare routine

Do you know what a beauty essence is, what it does to your skin, and why you need it in your skincare routine? Knowing why you're using certain products can be useful when creating your dream skincare ritual.

I got asked this question a few times recently so let's dive in!

Love for multitasking skincare

High-performing skincare that’s also minimal and uncomplicated is hard to find. The skincare sphere can be very confusing and get loud as there is so much to choose from.

I turned to multitasking, multi-functional skincare to keep things minimal yet high-performing. I created products that tackle many skin concerns at once and work so that you can replace multiple steps in your routine by switching to Jenny Nordic Skincare. 

Jenny Nordic offers skincare that's uncomplicated, minimal and easy to approach yet high-performing and wont't compromise with results. 

What is beauty essence?

Beauty essence is a toner and serum beautifully married together. It offers something more than a mist with floral waters but not as heavy or tacky as some serums can be. It doesn't have those cleansing properties some toners carry. It’s a light, water-based, or watery liquid that absorbs into the skin in a blink of an eye. 

An essence has made its way to the Western world of beauty from Korea.  An essence usually contains a high level of active ingredients to hydrate, protect and soothe the skin. It adds extra hydration to the skin and also preps the skin for the serums and other products you apply afterwards.

The difference between essence and toner

Toners have traditionally been used to tone the face, tighten the pores and cleanse the skin. Toners are often alcohol based which can be drying for the face.

There are hydrating and resurfacing toners on the market too - the difference usually is that an essence offers more hydration and can be slightly thicker than liquid.

You can use a toner after cleansing your face, before your essence but this might not be a necessary step in your skincare ritual.

The main task for essence, however, is to hydrate, protect and balance the skin.

The difference between essence and serum

Both serum and essence contain a high level of active ingredients to tackle specific skin concerns. However, serums are often thicker, and more viscous than essences.

Serums can also be oil-based or emulsions. You can apply serums after essence, as the essence helps prep the skin for other skincare products and will help with the absorption of serums, creams and oils.

How is Rehydrate & Balance Beauty Essence different?

Beauty Essence is a multitasking skincare wonder that helps you skip many steps in your skincare routine. Rehydrate & Balance Beauty Essence is a 4-in-1 skincare hero that really helps you to streamline that skincare ritual!

It replaces 4 steps in your skincare routine. Rehydrate & Balance Beauty Essence replaces toner, mild exfoliator, skin barrier repair and hydrating serum in your routine.

It contains protective antioxidants from Arctic lingonberry, and niacinamide to strengthen the skin barrier, prevent breakouts and soften fine lines and wrinkles. Swedish oat extract rebalances the skin’s microbiome and firms and plumps the skin.

Niacinamide helps clear the skin of congestion with lactic acid found in the oat extract. The mild acid-y gives you an opportunity to skip your exfoliator. Daily mild resurfacing will keep your skin barrier strong, and skin smooth and prevent breakouts.

Do I need a beauty essence?

Beauty essence can make a difference in your skin. The skin needs hydration (water) and moisture (oil). Beauty essence delivers that hydration to your skin.

If your skin feels dry and dehydrated, a beauty essence is a must-add to your routine. Hydrated skin will feel more comfortable and plump. Your make-up (if you're using any) will sit on your face better. Increased skin-hydration will also smooth the skin and fine lines and wrinkles caused by dehydration will face away.

Read more about dull, dehydrated skin here.

How to apply beauty essence?

Forget cotton pads. Beauty essence is packed with hydration and key nutrients for the skin so you want to absorb it to your skin, not the cotton pad. 

Take a few drops of the essence into your palm, gently rub your palms together and press the essence onto your face. This method guarantees most of the product is absorbed into the skin.

How to apply beauty essence

How to incorporate essence into your skincare routine?

Most minimalist skincare ritual consists only of a cleanser, essence and oil serum - applied in this order.

Apply beauty essence on cleansed skin, after misting your face. A thumb of rule in layering skincare is to start from the lightest and gradually layer the heavier products on. The essence is water-based, so it should be applied before serum, moisturiser and face oil.

Minimal skincare routine - how to layer skincare | Jenny Nordic Skincare

Read more about Jenny Nordic Skincare ritual here.

I hope you found this article helpful!

Love, Jenny







Read more about Jenny Nordic Skincare ritual here.

I hope you found this article helpful!

Love, Jenny

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