Gua Sha Facials with Jenny

Gua Sha Facials with Jenny

Hello all my lovely readers!

I have exciting news to share so today's blog is a slightly different from my usual content. I now offer holistic gua sha treatments within Nova Wellness Clinic in Stevenage, UK!

I've been interested in skin, skincare and wellness for years. Back in 2019 I gained my cosmetologist certificate, after which I quickly studied my diplomas in organic and anti-ageing skincare formulation. As I launched Jenny Nordic Skincare I knew from the beginning that I wanted to offer my customers an experience that goes deeper than skincare products.

I had practiced self face massage and gua sha for years - and occasionally treating my friends and family - before qualifying in facial cosmetic gua sha this spring. I wanted to teach you to use the tool the best way possible as I believe the best self-care practices are those that you can commit to doing at home. I still run regular online workshops for those who wish to learn the gua sha techniques for at-home massage.

Offering treatments comes as a natural continuum to this as I my passion for officially offering skin treatments and treating my customers has been growing. I want to offer a moment of relaxation as that's what the skin really need to be able to repair from within.

All my treatments are customised to your individual needs and the techniques I use follow the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I offer treatments on a third Saturday of each month, starting from the 20th January 2024, and my offerings include Gua Sha Facial Massage and Express Gua Sha Massage.

You can book for your treatment here.

If you have any questions regarding the treatments, please reach out!

I hope to see you soon!


Jenny, the founder of Jenny Nordic Skincare

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