5 tips for radiant and soft skin this winter

5 tips for radiant and soft skin this winter

Would you like your skin to stay soft and radiant through the winter?

Skincare shouldn’t be complicated, and we want to help you to simplify your skincare routine. Simple, minimalist skincare doesn't mean less effective - we want to show how you can restore skin’s balance, revitalise the skin and bring back its healthy glow with less.

Winter is the season when your skin can feeling dry, itchy and generally uncomfortable. You might feel lost as yet again your skincare routine isn’t working as it used to. How can you tweak your skincare ritual easily to restore happy healthy skin again?

What happens to the skin in the winter?

The cooler and dryer weather and harsh winter winds can cause the water content from your skin to evaporate and can leave it feeling dehydrated, irritated and prone to flare ups and breakouts. Central heating and temperature changes also play a role and dry out the skin even further. 

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5 quick tips - how to care for my skin in winter?

  1. Your skin needs extra hydration in the winter. Try taking care of your skin from the inside out - drink plenty of water and herbal teas and do not forget to nourish your body with vitamin-rich food and healthy oils.
  2. A gentle cleanser that helps strengthen the skin barrier is a must during the cold winter months. Oil cleansing has immense benefits, such as effectively lifting excess sebum from the pores and effortlessly cleansing makeup from the face. Try Jenny Nordic Smooth Oil to Milk Cleanser - it's packed with skin-loving organic plant oils such as camellia seed oil and Nordic oat lipid, and it helps protect the natural lipid layer whilst easily melting away all the makeup and grime.
  3. Layer in extra hydration. During the colder months, your skin needs all the hydration you can bind in the skin. Start applying your skincare on clean damp skin - this helps seal even more hydration to the skin and according to some studies it might even help with how other skincare products you use work. Jenny Nordic’s Rehydrate and Balance Beauty Essence is a perfect skin hydrator for the winter as it helps strengthen and balance the skin barrier, hydrates deeply and offers antioxidant protection against the elements. 
  4. Lock it all in with a high-quality oil serum. Applying an oil-based serum as the last step of your skincare routine helps lock in all the hydration. Face oils help prevent water and moisture loss from the skin. This helps skin stay hydrated, moisturised and protected whatever the weather looks like outside. Jenny Nordic’s Glow and Revitalize Oil Serum has the perfect ratio of essential fatty acids, ceramides and vitamins to glow up the skin in the winter. It also feels heavenly soft on the skin and invites you for a pampering face massage. 
  5. For dry skin and for extra protection we recommend the soothing, protecting multipurpose balm The Balm which can be applied on dry lips and other dry parts of the body. We love to apply it just a little bit all over the face in the evening to wake up to a beautiful, revitalised skin in the morning.

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How to build the best skincare routine for winter?

If you are new to Jenny Nordic or natural skincare, we'd love you start your journey with us with one of our popular skincare sets.

The Discovery Set is a perfect gift to yourself or your skincare loving friend - or to take with you to your travels. It contains travel-sized Smooth Oil to Milk Cleanser (50ml), Glow & Revitalize Oil Serum (10ml) and The Balm (15ml), our loved multipurpose balm that will soften and soothe any dry or itchy part of your skin. 

The Balance and Glow Ritual all our full sized products - the complete Jenny Nordic Skincare Ritual for restored, revitalised skin; Smooth Oil to Milk Cleanser 100ml, Rehydrate & Balance Beauty Essence 100ml and Glow & Revitalize Oil Serum 30ml. 

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