5 benefits of a simple, minimalist skincare routine

5 benefits of a simple, minimalist skincare routine

We are constantly been told we need more skincare products. The beauty market is packed with single-ingredient products; you’re told to use as many skincare products as possible, which can create a lot of confusion! This is one of the reasons Jenny Nordic is here - I wanted to simplify skincare with minimal, multifunctional skincare.

Do you need to simplify your skincare routine? No. If you are happy with your current products and rituals, there's no need to change anything.

But if you're feeling overwhelmed, or feeling something is not working in your skincare routine, please continue reading. I hope I can help you out!

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Why a simple, minimalist skincare routine is better

1. Easy to keep consistent

When you have only a few products in your routine, you are more likely to keep consistent and actually use those products. Self-care is important, but realistic routines and goals will keep it all achievable. 

My favourite skincare quote is: “The best skincare routine is the one that you can follow.” That’s because skincare is all about consistency. With consistency, you will see results.

2. You can concentrate on quality

Quality over quantity. Choose your skincare wisely. Concentrate on the basics, gentle cleansing, hydration and protection and I guarantee your skin will love it. Go for products that contain organic ingredients to nourish your skin with the vitamins and nutrients it needs. 

3. Easier to get to know your skin

When you use only a few products getting to know your skin is so much easier. You can smoothly track down which products work and which don't. You will understand better how your skin responds and reacts to new products, ingredients and changes in the environment.

The more products there are in your routine the more likely you are to be or to get sensitised to one or more ingredients. You can get an allergic reaction also with a minimalist skincare routine, but it will be easier to track down the culprit when you use only a few products.

4. Better for the environment

A simple minimalist skincare routine will help you save money, space in your bathroom and the environment. You will be less likely to end up throwing away products that have expired. The fewer products you use the more environmentally friendly your skincare routine is. 

5. Works as well or better than multi-step skincare rituals

More products in your skincare routine don’t equal a skincare routine that works better. Instead of single-ingredient products choose multitasking and multifunctional skincare. 

A skincare routine that includes only a few high-quality products compared to a complex multi-step routine will work better as you will be able to keep coming back to your routine and keep consistent. 

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How to simplify your skincare routine

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your current skincare routine, or are not quite sure how to start building a routine for yourself?

If you are new to skincare, I've written a helpful guide on building a skincare routine that works and how to build a minimal skincare routine in your 40s.

The base and non-negotiable of any skincare routine is a good cleanser. Most skins appreciate a gentle cleanser. You can choose from an oil cleanser, cleansing balm, or gentle cleansing milk. 

Your skin also needs hydration (water) and moisture (oil). You can use a moisturiser for this, but I recommend trying a hydrating face mist/essence and face oil combination. Your essence can contain some gentle acids to ease congestion and help speed up cell turnover. You might notice you don't need a separate exfoliator at all. 

The Jenny Nordic Balance & Glow Ritual is based on these principles. If you're new to the brand, try our Travel Set first!

For most skin, this simple routine works amazingly well. During summer months, and for younger, normal skin, applying only a face oil on damp skin can be all that the skin needs.

You don’t even need to wash your face in the mornings, just splash with cold water. 

Skincare should be fun and enjoyable, not about following rules. Play with your products, see if you can drop anything, and enjoy the results. Find what works best for your skin.

And if you love lengthy skincare rituals with many steps, I encourage you to continue with your ritual and make the most of those self-care moments.

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Minimal 3-step skincare routine for mornings

My morning skincare routine is very simple and quick. If I have time, I will add in a gua sha massage to de-puff and refresh my face. 

My go-to skincare routine for busy mornings

Step 1: Splash with cold water or cleanse with a gentle cleanser depending on your preference.

Step 2: Mix together two drops of both Rehydrate & Balance Beauty Essence and Glow and Revitalize Oil Serum and apply on the face.

Step 3: Apply your favourite SPF.

Always here for you.

Love, Jenny

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