2-Step Skincare Routine for Busy Mornings

2-Step Skincare Routine for Busy Mornings

I know, you would love to spend more time on yourself in the mornings, but the reality hits ever so often. You have 2 minutes to prepare yourself before the school run before the work day starts, and before you need to be ready to face the new day. I know this because I’m in the exact same situation.

I also know that even though it’s a busy season in life I still don’t want to look the part. That’s why I created a 2-step skincare ritual that gets you ready in 1 minute but doesn’t compromise the results.

What does the skin need in the mornings?

What does the skin need in the mornings? And how can you achieve all that in just 2-steps? The skincare industry is booming with single-ingredient products and boosters and telling us that we need multiple steps in our skincare routine to get any results. 

You can do all that - or go for multifunctional, multi-tasking skincare products to get the same results, save time and money, and be kinder to the environment. 

To prepare your skin for the day, the essentials for the skin are hydration, moisture and antioxidants. You also need to apply SPF daily to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB light. Hydration and moisture are essential to keep the skin happy, and the antioxidants will help protect the skin from the environmental stressors you might face in your daily life.

Read more on the benefits of a minimal skincare routine here.

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Do I need to wash my face in the mornings?

You don’t need to wash your face in the mornings. Just a splash of water can be enough. There’s nothing wrong with cleansing your face in the morning, but it’s not always necessary. Especially sensitive skin types, skin with compromised skin barrier and sometimes even acne-prone skin can benefit from skipping the morning wash.

Rinsing your face with water won’t disturb the natural (and essential) bacteria on the skin and helps maintain the right moisture levels. It will still give you a refresher and help prepare the skin for your skincare products.

The 2-step skincare routine for busy mornings

How do you then guarantee your skin gets everything it needs to stay healthy, look vital and dewy only with two steps? 

Leave your skin damp after rinsing (or washing) it. This will help add hydration to your skin. Then take your beauty essence or mist and add a few drops to your palm. Next, add two to three drops of your favourite face oil to your palm as well. Mix the two products together with your fingertip and apply to your face. Lastly, apply high-factor SPF. Voila, you’re ready. 

Jenny Nordic Beauty Essence and Oil Serum make a perfect pair for your am skincare routine. The essence provides the skin with hydration and probiotics for a dewy finish. The oil serum is packed with vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants to protect the skin throughout the day. 

Ready to go even more minimal?

If your skin is well-hydrated and in balance, you can try going even more minimal with your morning skincare routine. 

After rinsing your face, leave it damp. Seal in that hydration and dampness with face oil. It’ll lock in the hydration and offer your skin moisture and protection. Always use face oils that are formulated with organic, unrefined plant oils. These oils are packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids to offer your skin all the nutrition it needs.

Elevate your morning ritual

If you have some spare minutes or extra time in the morning, use it for a face massage. You can use gua sha tool or your hands for the massage. It’ll help depuff the face, increase blood and oxygen flow, and give your face a healthy glow.

Face massage will also help your skincare products to absorb better - and if done regularly - sculpt your facial features and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

If you are new to gua sha, I've got you covered. I created an easy-to-follow gua sha ritual that will get your skin radiant and help sculpt your features. You can purchase your gua sha tool and ritual here.

Love, Jenny

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